Friday, September 23, 2011

Anday Walay shami Kebab by Chef Zakir

Gram lentils (Chanay ki Daal)               1/8 kg (1/2 pao)
Mince                                                          1/2 kg
Onion (Medium Size)                               2 (sliced)
Egg                                                              2
Green chillies                                            3 to 4 (cut in half)
Dry Red chilli (sookhi lal mirch)             6-8 (cut in half)
Coriander leaves (Hara Dhania)  and Mint Leaves (Podina)    quantity of both should be around 1/4 bunch
Oil                                                                1/4 cup
Garlic (Lehsan)                                        4 to 5 cloves (finely sliced)
Ginger (Adrak)                                          1 (Medium size piece) (finely sliced)
All spices (garam Masala)                     as required
Salt                                                              to taste

All spices (Gram Masala) includes:
1 Bay Leaf (tezz pataa) (cut in half)
1 medium size Cinnamon (darchini) (cut in 2, 3 pieces)
2  Black Cardomon (Kali ilaichi)
4-5 small green cardamom( choti hari ilaichi)
1 tsp Peppercorn ( sabut kali mirch)
1/2 tsp cloves (long )
1 tsp cumin seeds (sabut zeera)

-         Soak gram lentils in water for 2 hour.( Soak lentils in plain water for 1 hour and in warm water for another hour)
-         Heat 1/4 cup oil in a pan and put mince in it and cook it on medium flame until water gets dry.
-         Now add ginger, garlic, dry red chillies and green chillies and1 sliced onion in it and mix it.
-         Now strain lentil water and add gram lentils in it and cook it further.
-         Now add all spices in it and mix it, also add salt and mix all very well. Add 1 medium glass or 1 1/2 cup of water in it. Now cover the lid and cook it for 15 to 20 minutes.
-         After 20 minutes check if mince is ready or not, if it is, then on high flame, allow the water to dry. When water gets dry, add this in chopper and chop it.
Take this chopped mixture in a bowl then add 1 sliced onion, coriander leaves and mint leaves and mix it with hands
-         Make small round shape kebab, dip in eggs and shallow fry them

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