Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Noodles Kebab Recipe

I love this noodle kebab, and it gets ready very quickly.

Noodles                                    1 packet
Egg                                          2
Noodles masala Sachet              1
Red chilli powder                        1 tsp
Onion (Chopped)                        1/2

Note: I use knorr noodles (Chatpata Flavor)
And donot use salt because the Masala of noodles is salty.

-     Boil the noodles and drain it.
-          Beat the Eggs, add red chilli powder, noodles masala and chopped onion and mix it.
-          Now add noodles in it and mix it well.
-          Heat some oil in frying pan , with the help of big spoon put the noodle mixture in shape of kebab in frying pan. (do not deep fry these kebabs).
-          When one sides of kebab is cooked then turn to other side, till golden brown
-          Serve with chilli garlic sauce

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