Monday, July 11, 2011

Chocolate ice cream by Rida Aftab

Cream                           1 cup
Condensed milk             1 tin
Milk                              1/2 liter
Sugar                            1/2 cup
Chocolate sauce            1/2 cup
Chocolate chips             50 gm
Gelatin  powder              2 tbsp
Coco powder                 1 tbsp
Corn flour                      2 tbsp
Coffee                           2 tbsp

 -        Take milk in a pan, add sugar and cook on medium flame, till it comes to boil.
-         Dissolve corn flour in water. And then add it in milk and stir. When you see that milk starts to get thick, remove from flame and allow it to cool. Custard is ready
-         Now take a bowl, add cream, chocolate sauce, coffee, condensed milk, coco powder, and gelatin powder (dissolved in water) and mix very well Then add custard in it
-         Now put this ice cream mixture in air tight box and keep it in freezer, when half freeze, add chocolate chips  and fold it, and then keep it in freezer until ice cream is firm.

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