Friday, December 17, 2010

Fish cutlets

Fish fillet                                   500 grams
Spring onion (chopped)               1
Green chillies (chopped)             3
Potato (boiled and mashed)        1
Crushed black pepper                 1 tsp
Eggs                                         2
Breadcrumbs                             1 cup
Garlic/ginger paste                     1 tsp
Lemon                                      1
Corn flour                                  as required
Pakistani Chinese salt                to taste
Salt                                          to taste
Oil                                            for frying

-          Apply Chinese salt, ginger/garlic paste, salt and lemon juice on fish pieces and steam them.
-          Separate skin from fish and de-bone carefully.
-          Put fish pieces, salt, Chinese salt, green chillies, corn flour, 1 egg, black pepper, spring onions and mashed potatoes in a bowl.
-          Mix well
-          Make round cutlets from the mix. Whisk the remaining egg in a bowl and put breadcrumbs in a plate.
-          Coat cutlets first in egg and then in breadcrumbs.
-          Heat oil in a frying pan and fry cutlets till they turn golden from both sides.
-          Serve delicious fish cutlets with chutney.

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