Friday, April 15, 2011

Trifle Cups by chef Shireen Anwar

Red jelly                      1 packet
Green jelly                   1 packet
Yellow jelly                  1 packet
Vanilla custard           3 cups
Fruit cocktail                1 medium can
Cake Rusk                  125 gm
Fresh cream               200 gm
Strawberry sauce       as required

Ingredients for Custard
Milk                                      3 cup
Sugar                                  4 tbsp
Vanilla custard powder    2 tbsp

-        Dissolve all the 3 jellies separately in 1 cup of water each, cook and set till firm, cut into cubes and keep aside.
-       Coarsely chopped 125gm cake Rusk and place into base of individual cups, sprinkle with fruit syrup, spread with fruit cocktail, pour custard then jelly cubes, then custard, refrigerate till chilled.
-       Decorate with fresh cream and strawberry sauce.

Method for Custard
Boil milk, add sugar and vanilla custard powder, cook till thickens, remove from fire and keep it aside. 

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