Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Beef Mayo Roll by Chef Zakir

Beef undercut                  250 grams
Plain flour (Maida)          250 grams
Onion                                1 (small)
Mayonnaise                     1/4 cup
Ice berg                            1/4 bunch
Garlic paste                     1 tsp
Black pepper powder     1/2  tsp
Oil                                      2 tbsp
Oil                                      4 tbsp
Water                                 to requirement
Salt                                     to taste

  -       Cut slices of beef undercut.
-         In a pan heat 2 tbsp of oil and sauté garlic paste. Then add beef slices and cook it until they change color. Then add half onion (sliced), salt to taste and black pepper powder and cook it on medium flame. When water is died, it is done, remove from flame.
-         Take plain flour (Maida) in a bowl, add 4tbsp of oil, salt and some water, and knead it to form soft fine dough. (while kneading your dough, keep wetting your hands with little water)
-         Now take small portion of dough and roll in shape of paratha and fry it in a pan , first put 1/2 tbsp of oil in pan, then put paratha, and  turn paratha, when one side is done, use 1/2 tbsp oil for other side of paratha (total 1 tbsp of oil is used to fry this paratha)
-         Finley slice remaining half onion and ice berg.
-         On paratha, spread mayonnaise, fried beef and sliced onion and iceberg and roll it. Delicious Beef mayo roll is ready.

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