Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Malai Qulfi Falooda by Chef Shireen Anwar

Milk                                              1 liter or 4 1/2 cups
Sugar                                          1 cup
Tetra pack cream                      1 packet (or you can also use Malai 1 cup)
Khoya                                          250 gm or 1 pao
Bread slices                               2 large
Kewra water                               1 tsp

Ingredients for Falooda
Corn flour                                          1 cup
Water                                                 2 cup
Yellow color                                      a pinch (if you don’t want color don’t add it)
Almonds and pistachio sliced      1 tbsp

If khoya is not available, you can use full cream powder milk 1 cup, dilute this powder milk with some milk (save 1/2 cup milk from 1 liter), and then add it instead of khoya.

Method for Falooda:
-       Mix together corn flour, water and few drops Yellow color  in a pan, cook stirring till thick and glossy,(mixture will gather in center, will form a lump)
-       Remove and pour in a falooda mold, take very chilled water in a bowl, now press the mold over chilled water bowl, to get falooda strips, (dropping falooda in chilled water)

Falooda mold (mold also used for making nimco) can easily be purchased from Bori bazaar, in Karachi Pakistan. In America, Canada, it is available in Indian stores.

Murukku maker

Method for Qulfi:
-       Cook 1 liter milk till reduced a bit (cook for about 15 minutes), and it become a little thick (1 liter remains 3 pao, means it lessen around 3/4 cup), then add 1 cup sugar; continue cooking over medium flame for about10 minutes.
-       When sugar water is dried, add khoya in it, also add 2 bread slices and cook for 5 minutes, it will get thick.
-       Now remove from flame, cool the mixture, then add tetra pack cream (or balai) and put it in blender and blend it well.
-       After blending, add kewra water and almonds and pistachio.(save some blended qulfi mixture, it will serve as "Rubri") now put the remaining qulfi mixture in qulfi molds and freeze it till firm

To Serve:
In serving bowls, put crushed ice, Falooda strips, sliced Qulfi and Rubri.

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