Monday, February 21, 2011

Coffee cake by chef shireen anwar

1 ounce = 2 tbsp

Butter                                8 ounces (200 grams) (salted butter or unsalted butter)
Sugar                                8 ounce or 16 tbsp leveled
Refined flour (Maida)     8 ounces or 16 tbsp heaped
Baking powder               2 tsp
Vanilla essence             1 tsp
Egg                                   4

For icing:
Butter                              6 ounce (preferable unsalted butter)
Icing sugar                    12 ounces
Instant coffee                2 tsp
Water                              1 tbsp

-       Grease 2 pans (8'') and also place butter paper. Preheat your oven at 180 0c
-       Beat butter until it is fluffy, and then start adding sugar in it and beat it. Then add vanilla essence in this mixture.
-       In a separate bowl mix baking powder in refined flour and strain it 3 times.
-       Now add 1 egg in butter and sugar mixture and beat it then add 1 tbsp refined flour and baking powder mixture, then 2nd egg and again add 1 tbsp refined flour and beat it, in the same manner add other two eggs. When all eggs are beaten well, add the remaining refined flour and baking powder mixture in it and fold it with wooden spoon or spatula (do not use beater).
-       Then pour the mixture in 2 pans or you can also place the whole mixture in one pan

Method for icing:
-       Beat the butter with icing sugar.
-       Mix coffee with water, add in butter icing sugar mixture and mix it well.
-       Apply this icing at one half of cake, then place the other half of cake and cover the whole cake with icing (TIP: if your icing in not spreading neatly , then dip your spatula or knife in hot water and then spread the icing).
-       Sprinkle some instant coffee, delicious coffee cake is ready


  1. It was a good cake... the only thing was it was a bit on the dry side.... even though it was not mentioned in the recipe i did moisten the insides on both the layers of cake with milk mixed with about 1 tsp. coffee. Other wise a great recipe. Every one loved it at home... reminded us all strongly of Bombay Bakery back in Hyderabad! =)
    btw thanks for posting this recipe... i will be making it again for sure!

  2. How long do u bake it for

  3. Mix coffee in how much water???

  4. For icing, Mix coffee with room temperature water.

  5. It sèems to be a good recipe.. i will also try this cake soon insha Allah bcz i love bombay bakery coffee cake :)

  6. Its so licious recipe of coffee cake nd so easy tomake
    I luv it

  7. This recipe is so good nd espacially frosting..!
    I luv it ♥