Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hi Tea chicken by Chef Zakir

Chicken (breast pieces)                          1/2 kg
Ginger and garlic paste                          1 tbsp
Corn flour                                              3 tbsp
Salt                                                      to taste
Refined flour (Maida)                              3 tbsp
Egg                                                      1
Black pepper                                         1/2 tsp
White pepper                                        1/4 tsp
Corn flakes                                           1 cup
Coriander leaves                                    2 tbsp
Crushed red pepper (kuti lal mirch)         1 tbsp

-       First of all cut 1 inch thick slices of chicken breast piece.
-       Marinate the chicken with ginger and garlic paste, salt, egg, white pepper, black pepper, crushed red pepper, refined flour (maida) and corn flour.
-       Crush the corn flakes with hand, (do not crush it in chopper or blender), now add coriander in the marinated chicken, then coat them with corn flakes and deep fry it.

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