Monday, February 7, 2011

Hot and spicy reshmi kabab roll by Chef Shireen Anwar

-       Chicken mince                                                 1/2 kg
-       Coconut (grounded)                                           3 tbsp
-       Almonds (grounded)                                          2 tbsp
-       Salt                                                                 as per taste
-       Crushed red pepper (kuti hoi lal mirch)                1 tbsp
-       All spices powder (garam masala powder)           1 tsp
-       Roasted cumin powder (bhuna hoa zeera)           1 tsp
-       Roasted and crushed coriander seeds                1 1/2 tsp
(bhuna aur kuta hoa dhania)
-       White pepper                                                    1/2 tsp
-       Green chillies (grounded)                                   4 to 5
(pissi hoi hari mirch)
-       Ginger garlic paste                                            1 tbsp
-       Corn flour                                                          1 tbsp
-       Clarified butter (Ghee)                                        1 tbsp (heaped)
For chutney
-       Yogurt                                                              1 cup
-       Red chili powder (lal mirch)                                 1/2 tsp
-       Green chillies (grounded) (pissi hari mirch)           2                                 
-       Chat masala                                                      1 tsp
-       Salt                                                                  1/4 tsp
For paratha
-       Refined flour (Maida)                                          2 1/2 cup
-       Oil                                                                    2 tbsp
-       Salt                                                                  1/2 tsp
Paste to apply inside paratha
-       Refined flour (Maida)                                         1 tbsp
-      Clarified butter (ghee)                                        1 tbsp
-       Egg white                                                        1

-       Remove the cover of almonds, then grind coconut and almonds with little amount of water to make a paste.
-       Marinte the chicken with almond and coconut paste, all spices, crushed red pepper, roasted cumin powder, roasted and crushed coriander seeds, white pepper, grounded green chillies, ginger garlic paste, ghee and corn flour. Mix very well, make long shape kebab (like seekh kebab), and fry them in frying pan (do not deep fry)
-       In a pan, place the coal on onion peel (chilka), in middle of the kebabs, then put 2,3 drops of oil on it, cover the lid for 1 minute. It will give very good smoked smell.

Method for paratha:
-         Mix all the ingredients of paratha and knead the dough with water, and keep the dough aside for about 45 minutes.
-          Now make small ping pong size balls, then roll each ball to form a small size chapatti (size of a CD), now apply the paste (mix egg white, flour and ghee), all over the chapatti, then close it like forming a roll of it, lengthen this roll from both ends like forming a rope and then curl this rope in shape of a coil. As shown in the below picture

-          Now make a big chapatti out of this coiled dough ball.
-          Shallow fry the paratha.

Method for chutney:
Beat the yogurt, add green chillies, chat masala, salt and red chili powder and mix it well.

Now place one kebab in paratha, spread some chutney, roll it and have a delicious yummy roll

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