Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Check cake by Chef Shireen Anwar

For butter:  1 ounce = 1 tbsp
For sugar:  1 ounce = 2 tbsp leveled
For flour :   1 ounce = 2 tbsp heaped.

Butter                                 12 ounces ( or 12 tbsp)
Sugar                                 12 ounces (or 24 tbsp leveled)
Refined flour (Maida)      12 ounces (or 24 tbsp heaped)
Baking powder                 3 tsp
Eggs                                   6
Vanilla essence               2 tsp
Coco powder                    3 tsp
Milk                                     4 tsp (or 1/4 cup)

Butter Icing:
Butter                              6 ounces
Icing sugar                    12 ounces

-       Take 3 sandwich pans, grease them and place butter paper.
-       Now beat butter and add sugar spoon by spoon and beat it till light and creamy, then add vanilla essence and beat it. Now start adding egg yolks one by one and beat it.
-       Ina separate bowl beat egg whites until they are stiff and fluffy.
-       Sieve refined flour (maida) and baking powder in a separate bowl (3 times).
-       Now fold egg whites in butter mixture with spatula or wooden spoon, then fold refined flour + baking powder in it. Also add 1/4 cup milk and fold in it.
-       Make a paste with coco powder and 2 tbsp of milk.
-       Divide cake batter into two (keep one portion in large quantity).
-       Add coco powder paste in large quantity batter and mix it well. And keep the other batter as it is (vanilla batter).
-       In 2 Pans, first arrange coco batter all around the circle, then vanilla batter, lastly coco batter. Arrange the 3 pan with vanilla batter first, then coco batter, then again vanilla batter.(you can also place the divider rings in the pan and can place the batter easily as shown in picture)

-       Bake in a preheated oven at 180 0c for 35 minutes.
-       When baked, place them on wire rack so that it gets cool completely.

For butter icing:
Beat butter, then gradually add icing sugar in it, beat till thick and creamy. Use as required.

For assembling:
On a cake plate, put the coco batter cake first, apply strawberry jam, place the vanilla batter cake on it, then again apply strawberry jam and finally place the 3rd, coco cake on top. Apply the prepared icing on top and decorate the top with check design.

(Note: When stacking the layers of the cake, make sure the bottom and top layer are the same pattern so you end up with the checkerboard pattern when you cut the cake.)


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