Thursday, March 3, 2011

Strawberry charlotte by Chef Shireen anwar

Swiss rolls                          (refer to the recipe of swiss roll by chef shireen anwar)
Egg yolks                             2
Corn flour                             1 tbsp
Milk                                       3/4 cup
Sugar                                   3 ounce (6 tbsp)
Strawberry                           1 cup
Fresh cream (whipped)    2 cup
Gelatin powder                   1 tbsp
Vanilla essence                 1/2 tsp

-       Take a transparent bowl , grease it very well then arrange the swiss roll pieces in this bowl, cover the whole bowl, and arrange in such a manner that the pieces get stick to each other. Soak the cake with syrup; keep in the fridge till you prepare the filling.
-       Take egg yolks in a pan, add corn flour, milk and sugar and whisk it, then place the pan on low flame to cook custard, continuously whisk it other wise the custard will curdle because of eggs yolks. When it starts to get thick turn of the flame.  Add vanilla essence, dissolve gelatin with 1/4 cup water and add to the custard, beat 1 cup cream and add to the cooled custard.
-       Fill the mold (bowl in which swiss rolls are set), chill it till it is set and firm.
-       Dip the mold in hot water, quickly turn over in a serving plate. Garnish with 1 cup whipped cream and strawberries.

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