Thursday, March 10, 2011

Crispy fried wings by Chef Shireen Anwar

Chicken wings (with skin)                        1/2 kg
Ginger and garlic paste                            1 tsp
Salt                                                                1 tsp
Red chili powder                                        1 tsp
Chili garlic sauce                                       1 tbsp
Soya sauce                                                 1 tbsp
Corn flour                                                    as required
Ketchup                                                       1 tbsp
Vinegar                                                        1 tbsp

-       Marinate the wings with the above ingredients, except corn flour. And keep it aside for half an hour.
-       Now take a pan and cook these marinated wings (without adding water) till tender.
-       Then coat these wings with corn flour and deep fry them. Delicious Crispy fried wings are ready.

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