Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cake jelly

Milk                                                      1 liter
Sponge cake                                         1 (small size) (cut thin slices)
sponge cake

Custard powder (vanilla flavor)                  4 tbsp (flat)
Sugar                                                    6 tbsp
Crystal jelly                                           1 packet
(strawberry flavor)                                  
Fruits                                                    as required
(banana, apple, pineapple, grapes)

 -        Heat milk in a wok and add sugar in it and cook for some time. Then add custard powder.
-         Then in one dish place all the slices of sponge cake like forming a layer of cake. Cut small pieces of all fruits, then spread them over cake layer. Now pour custard on it forming a layer of custard. Then keep it in fridge so that it gets set.
-         In the mean time prepare crystal jelly. Then take out your dish and pour the crystal jelly over the custard forming a layer of red crystal jelly. (Your crystal jelly should not be hot) then again keep it in fridge, enjoy this delicious sweet dish chilled.

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