Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Singaporean rice by Chef shireen anwar

Ingredients for rice
Rice                                          1/2 kg
White and black cumin seeds     1/2 tsp each
(kala aur safaid zeera)
Peas (lightly boil them)              1/2 cup
Star aniseed                              2
(badian kay phool)
Oil                                            1/4 cup

Ingredients for chicken
Boneless chicken                      1/2 kg
Carrots (lightly boil them)           1
Capsicums                                2
Tomato and onion                     1 each
Cabbage (sliced)                       1 cup
Ginger (chopped)                      1 tbsp
Spaghetti (boiled)                      1 cup
Salt                                          1 tsp
Crushed black pepper                1 tsp
Red chilies                                1 tsp
Soya sauce                               2 tbsp
Red chili sauce                          2 tbsp
Ketchup                                    4 tbsp
Corn flour                                 1 tbsp
Oil                                            1/4 cup

Ingredients for sauce
Mayonnaise                              1/3 cup
Salt                                          pinch
Crushed red chilies                    1/2 tsp
Sugar                                       1 tsp
Vinegar                                     2 tbsp
Ketchup                                    2 tbsp

Ingredients for topping
Green chilies (sliced and fries)   8
Garlic (chopped and fried)         4 tbsp

-       Soak rice for 1/2 hour. Heat oil in a pot and fry white and black cumin seeds and star aniseeds. Add rice, salt and peas to the pot and fry for a while. Add 2 cups water and cover with a lid. When all the water dries lower the flame and keep on dum.
-       To make sauce, put all sauce ingredients in a bowl; mix well and keep aside. To make chicken, heat oil in a pot and lightly fry ginger in it. Add chicken pieces and stir fry. Add salt, red chilies, black pepper, ketchup, chili and soya sauces. Fry for a while and add all vegetables. Do no over-cook vegetables. Add 1 cup water and when it comes to a boil, add corn flour mixed in 2 tbsp of water. When it becomes thick, turn off the flame. Put rice in a serving dish; pour the sauce over it, then place spaghetti and lastly put chicken mix on top. Garnish with green chilies and garlic. Delicious Singaporean rice is ready to be served.


  1. I have tried this recipe..... It was really delicious+awesome.

  2. Sounds delicious but I've got a different recipe of the same dish and its way too simpler than the one mentioned above.would like to share it.

    Boiled rice-10 to 12 cups

    For chicken:
    Boneless chicken(cut into 1 inch cubes)-5 cups
    Garlic-1 TB(heaped)
    Oil-3 to 4 TB
    Chilli garlic sauce-12 TB(for best results use knorr ketchup)
    Tomato ketchup-8 TB(knorr)
    Soya sauce-6 TB
    Salt-to taste
    Red chilli flakes-to taste
    Black pepper-to taste

    For veges:
    Cabbage(cut into long 2 inch strips)-3 cups
    Carrots(cut into strips)-2 cups
    Capsicum(cut into strips)-1 cup
    Green onion(green part only,cut into 1 inch strips)-1/2cup
    Soya sauce-4 TB
    Salt-to taste
    Black pepper-to taste
    Oil-2 TB

    For mayo:
    Tetra pack cream-1/2 cup
    Mayo-1.1/2 cup

    Homemade French fries-4-5 potatoes

    For chicken:sauté garlic for 40 seconds till it starts to give off the aroma on a medium flame.right then add chicken to to and fry till cooked.add seasonings and soya sauce.cook for another minute and then add chilli garlic and tomato sauce.add in half cup of water to make it a little runny.cook for three more minutes till the sauce becomes a little bit more thickened again.turn off the flame and keep aside.
    For veges:sauté capsicum for five minutes or till it becomes a bit soft.then add cabbage and carrots and sauté for ten minutes more till the veges are soggy.add seasonings and in the end add green part of green onions.let it it cook for a minute and then turn off the flame.take four eggs add salt and black pepper to it and whisk to combine.cook the eggs in scramble form and add to the veges.
    For mayo:mix together cream and mayo till combined.
    For layering:in a large shallow dish layer half of the rice.thentop it with veges,chicken,mayo and French fries.make sure you spread it properly all over the rice.now again layer it with the remaking rice.cover properly and then top with the rest of the veges,chicken,mayo and fries.

    Tip:never mix everything together with the rice cause it doesn't the taste the same when you do that.layering is what makes it taste so good :)

    Hope you'll enjoy this recipe as much as I do every time I make it.

  3. Thankyou Ayrah for sharing your recipe :)

  4. Perfect recipe! I try with different methods too bt with French fries n egg noodles tastes super yummy :)

  5. It was delicious aapaaaa =D

  6. Can anyone tell me how many people can this recipe serve?

  7. what other dish would be good to make with this?

    1. you can make any other Chinese dish or you can serve soup with this.

  8. Brilliant!I'm gonna try it and share my experience soon xoxo