Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fresh cream pineapple cake

Eggs                            5
Refined flour (Maida)      1 cup
Sugar                           3/4 cup (first measure the sugar then grind it)
Pine apple juice             1 tbsp
Corn flour                      1 tbsp
Vanilla essence             few drops
Baking powder               1 tsp

For garnishing:
Fresh cream                  1 packet
Pine apple tin                 1
Icing sugar                    as required

      -     Grease 9 inch cake pan with oil. And preheat your oven.
-       Now take a bowl sieve baking powder, refined flour and corn flour 3 times.
-       Now beat eggs until it is foamy, then add sugar in it slowly and gradually, beat for about 10 to 15 minutes, then add vanilla essence and beat it.
-       Now with the help of wooden spoon fold the refined flour mixture in this egg mixture slowly (do not use beater). In the end add pineapple juice and mix it.
-       Bake the cake at 160 0C for about 35 to 40 minutes.
-       When cake is baked, cool it then cut the cake in half, then on both the halves spread pineapple tin juice, then on one half apply the icing, sprinkle pineapple chunks. And place the other half on it, then cover the whole cake with the icing, decorate the cake with the remaining pineapple chunks.

For icing:
Beat fresh cream, when it starts to get thick then start adding icing sugar. Keep it in freezer for some time and then do the icing