Sunday, January 23, 2011

Coffee and cream sweet dish

Rusk biscuits (Paapay)              8,10
Milk                                         1 Mug
Coffee                                      1 tsp
Sugar                                       6 tbsp
Tetra pack Cream                     1 packet

Mix sugar and coffee in milk and heat a little bit, so that sugar mixes well, then dip Rusk biscuit one by one and place them in a tray like forming a complete layer of it.

Then mix sugar(as required) in cream and beat it, then place this cream on top of that rusk biscuit layer, in the same manner again place rusk biscuit(dipped in coffee milk)  and then cream layer. You can make as many layers as you want (when I tried this recipe I made two layers).

Then on top layer sprinkle some coffee or spread some chocolate sauce.Place it in freezer so that it get stiff and pieces (if cut) can come out smoothly.

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