Saturday, November 20, 2010

Chicken Chapli kebab Recipe by Zubaida tariq

Chicken Mince                           1/2 kg
Mint leaves                                1 bunch
Green chillies (chopped)             4
Tomatoes (chopped)                   2
Onion (chopped)                         2
Maize flour (makai ka aata)         1 cup
Eggs                                         3
Dried pomegranate seeds            2 tbsp
White cumin seeds                    1/2 tbsp
Whole black pepper                    1 tsp
Whole coriander seeds               2 tbsp
Crushed red chillies                    1 tbsp
(kutti hoi lal mirch)
Salt                                           to taste
Oil                                             for frying

-         Coarsely grind white cumin seeds, black pepper and coriander seeds.
-         Mix chicken mince, grounded masala, 1 egg, pomegranate, red chillies, salt, mint leaves, green chillies, tomatoes, onions and maize flour.
-         beat 2 eggs and fry them. Cut the fried eggs into pieces and mix them in mince; keep aside for a while.
-         Heat oil in a frying pan. Lightly wet your palms to make big sized kebabs and fry.
-         When kebabs turn golden from both sides, take them out on a paper towel.
-         Server delicious chapli kebabs hot.

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