Friday, November 5, 2010

Coffee cake by Chef Rahat

Baking powder                           3 tsp
Refined Four (Maida)                  2 cups
Eggs                                         2
Sugar (finely ground)                  ½ cup (first measure ½ cup sugar and then grind it)
Butter                                       125 gm or 5 ounce
Instant coffee                             2 tsp (full)
Warm Water (not too hot)           ½ cup

-         Mix coffee and water in a bowl and keep it aside.
-         Sift flour and add baking powder in it.
-         In a bowl beat butter for minute and then add sugar, first mix it with spoon then beat it.
-         Add eggs one at a time in this mixture and beat well between each addition.
-         Add flour mixture in it and mix it well. Then add coffee (mixed with water) in it and mix it with spoon. And in the end beat a little bit with beater.
-         Grease your cake pan with oil and sprinkle refined flour (MAIDA) and pour the batter in it, preheat the oven (15, 20 minutes before baking). And bake your cake for 30 minutes.
-         Garnish with melted chocolate or coffee syrup.

Coffee               2 tsp
Water               2 tbsp
Icing sugar        1 cup

Mix coffee in water and then add it in icing sugar and mix it well with spoon, you can add more water if needed. You can also add butter 1 tsp, it will enhance the taste of the icing.

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