Sunday, November 28, 2010

Drumsticks by Chef Gulzar

Chicken drumsticks                   1/2 kg
Chicken cube                            1
Sugar                                        1 tsp
Corn flour                                  1/2 cup
Refined flour                              1/2 cup
Eggs                                         2
White pepper                             1 tsp
Baking powder                           1 pinch
Red chilli powder                        1 tbsp
Lemon juice                               4 tbsp
Salt                                          to taste
Oil                                            for frying
Salad leaves                              for garnishing
Tomatoes                                  for garnishing

-          Make gashes on both sides of drum sticks with the help of a knife
-          Marinate drumsticks with sugar, white pepper, baking powder, red chillies, lemon juice and salt.
-          Put chicken cube, 4 tbsp corn flour, refined flour, eggs and salt in a bowl. Mix well to make smooth batter.
-          Heat oil in wok, fry drum sticks and take them out when they turn golden.
-          Serve delicious chicken drumsticks with fresh salad leaves and tomatoes.

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